Sergey Katran (Russia)
Black Pool

Object, 60x200x120, aluminum prism, polyurethane foam, water, ink, floats, electronics, 2017

There are three floats on the surface of a pool. The meditative object returns a person to the human condition. The silence lives in this place. Here, every single “bite” could end up in a drama. You cannot see what is going on under the depths of dark water. You stand awaiting the outcome that will never happen. What is happening under that water is completely unknown, but it is possible to see how the floats react to it. You watch TV and see only what you want to see. You don’t know what is happening in the depths of water, who is ruling there – a small fish or a submarine. It is something you cannot know. A system of three bodies, three events that repeats over and over again, irritating nerve endings of the tired zone of the brain by electric impulses. Meditate. Good night. The black pool is always here.

Sergey Katran

Artist. Born in 1970 in the city of Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk Region, Ukraine.
He got his first degree in biology and chemistry. Completed a course on film directing taught by Tatyana Danilyants at the School of Visual Arts (Moscow, Russia).
Nominated for the Sergey Kuryokhin Award (Russia, 2013, 2014, 2016)
Field of interests: experiment, boundaries of art, “art of the accidental”, art and science.
His works are in the collections of the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), National Center of Contemporary Art (Russia) and in private collections. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.