Vitaly Pushnitsky (Russia)
Studio. Waiting #17

Media object, 2018
Programming: Yuri Zagarsky
Supported by CYLAND Media Art Lab

The project “Studio. Waiting” is a large-format canvas with an attached device that allows to see the story anew and to refresh the image without the intrusion of one art form into another. This is an attempt visually to demonstrate both independence and coexistence of the traditional form — painting — and the newest means of augmented reality. The project investigates the game theory (including a game with an absent character) in its contemporary, virtual-psychological aspect. The picture is separated from the device; nothing is projected onto it. It serves just as a switch-on point, a pretext to expand the boundaries imposed by the bored glance of a visitor to the exhibition. The painting and the program live and work together, much like people coexist on networks. This peculiar symbiosis allows us to bring technology to a discussion of the same questions that are posed by classical art.

Vitaly Pushnitsky

Artist. Born in 1967 in Leningrad, USSR. Graduated from the Ilya Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Leningrad, USSR).
Pushnitsky has participated in major group exhibitions in Europe, USA and Russia, such as the Venice Biennale (parallel program, Italy, 2007), Moscow Biennale (Russia), and has had numerous solo shows at the museums and galleries in Russia and around the world.
His works are in various public collections, such as the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia) the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia), and in many private collections.
Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.